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Cable TV service offers a wide array of television channels and programming delivered through a physical cable connection. With a diverse selection of channels ranging from news and entertainment to sports and lifestyle content, cable TV .

FASTWAY SD+ BOX Entertainment Packs

Basic Service Tier

111 Channels for 130/- monthly *

FW Favourite

28 Channels for 199/- monthly *

FW Favourite+

32 Channels for 245/- monthly *

FASTWAY HD+ BOX Entertainment Packs

Gold+ HD

94 Channels for 400/- monthly *

Platinum HD

104 Channels for 450/- monthly *

Silver HD

83 Channels for 350/- monthly *

Dharamshala Entertainment Network


Dharamshala Entertainment Network

Cable TV service provides an extensive range of TV channels and programming transmitted via a physical cable link. Offering a diverse array of channels spanning from news, entertainment, sports, to lifestyle content, cable TV.

Set Top Box Instalation: Rs.1500/-

Monthly Rental Starts from: Rs.250/-

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